GN Bio Energy is a Canadian supplier of project management and technical services to support the development of forest biomass facilities and projects. GN Bio Energy is based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Project Management
Facility Development
Technical Services

GN Bio Energy provides unique expertise across the biomass sector to carry projects forward in all aspects of management, development and operations. GN Bio Energy offers one-window facilitation to project proponents in the development of wood pellet production and biomass power generation facilities.

GN Bio Energy is associated with a number of related companies and regional experts that have the capacity to provide a full range of services.

GN Bio Energy’s services include technical expertise and strategic advice in design, procurement, construction, business plan development, financial modelling and training activities.

GN Bio Energy is actively engaged in developing a number of proposed biomass wood pellet production and biomass fuelled co-generation facilities across Northern Ontario.

GN Bio Energy, with its associated companies, has over 35 years of project management experience, including experience managing multiple operations as well as expertise in the wood pellet industry. With its associated companies, GN Bio Energy has a combined staff of 75 employees.

GN Bio Energy is currently pursuing synergies for collaborating among a consortium of regional Indigenous wood pellet producers and off-take agreement opportunities for the export market.

GN Bio Energy is positioned to act as a sales agent and/or marketing support for wood pellets that will be manufactured across a number of facilities in Northern and Northwestern Ontario. Currently, GN Bio Energy is negotiating offers for pellet sales on behalf of regional facilities.

GN Bio Energy’s expertise and services include:

  • Fibre Supply Agreement Support
  • Site Analysis, Constraints Analysis and Site Confirmation (including geotechnical, environmental, grid and transportation feasibilities)
  • Project Costing and Financial Feasibility
  • Coordination of Facility Engineering and Design
  • Detailed Market Analysis and Market Identification
  • Power Purchase Agreement Power Purchase Agreement Consultation and Regulatory Permitting Administration;
  • Management of Site Development
  • Facilitation of Supply Chain agreements
  • Negotiation of Sales Agreements and Provision Of Marketing/Sales Agent Support