Resource Sharing

Through wood pellet production and biomass cogeneration facilities, communities across Northern Ontario have an opportunity to optimize the resources of the area—and in doing so, will enter into the global green energy market that creates jobs and wealth for the region.

Granulated wooden fuel, bio pellets. Economical, ecologicla fuel

Green energy markets are established and have the potential to increase dramatically in the future.

Projects currently under development will serve as examples for other communities—creating a strong regional market along with regional distribution capacity for other communities that may be converting to pellet heating.

Opportunities for Synergies

GN Bio Energy has identified a number of potential opportunities for synergies between wood pellet production facilities across northern Ontario that offer potential cost-savings or efficiencies. GN Bio Energy has the capacity to pursue the following synergies among wood pellet production facilities and looks forward to discussing these opportunities further:

  • One-window Project Management and Logistics Support
  • Negotiation of Large Volume Off-Take Agreements / Cumulative Wood Pellet Volumes
  • Bulk Shipping Agreements
  • Safety of Pellet Supply through Multiple Manufacturing Sites
  • Training to Supply Chain Participants
  • Access to Technology, Shared Software and Spare Parts
  • Regional Marketing and Branding